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travel-malaysia-mapVacations in Malaysia offer you an exotic getaway. Being a multiracial, multicultural country with much diversified culture as well as geographical landscaping. From cool highlands resort to the warm sandy beach resorts; from tropical rain forest to cosmopolitan cities of towering skyscrapers and shopping paradise. All these are making Malaysia an interesting holiday destination you should not missed.

Malaysia is geologically separated into east and west Malaysia by the South China Sea, 11 states situated in the peninsular and 2 states in the northern part of Borneo Island.

To explore this amazing country, we present herewith some useful travel guides, hotels and resorts directory for your easy reference. Visiting Malaysia in group tours is a popular way but even Back packing is not a problem because most Malaysian speak English reasonably well. So there will not be any communication problem.

As for accommodation is concern, you can choose from our wide range of hotels, being international five star hotels or medium and budget hotels, it is all for your choice at your desired destination catering to different budget across the whole country.

Rich Cultural Heritage

The Malaysian terrirtory stretch from Perlis in the northen tip of peninsular to Sabah in the eastern end of the North Borneo Island. Although Malaysia is not a big country in size, it housed  many different ethnic groups which have lived together for many generation. Among them are the Malay, Chinese, Indian and Orang Asli mainly in the peninsular; the Iban, kadasan Dusun, Bajau and Murut in Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia. This has turned Malaysia into a mosaic of cultures. All these cultures have influence over each other thus left a colorful heritage in its unique way.

Shopping Paradise

Unlike many other parts of the world, Malaysia is all year round warm and sunny so you don’t have to really choose any specific timing to visit this country. There are so  many interesting events and celebrations through out the year to be explored, enjoy a crazy shopping spree in the mega sale, a refreshing getaway in the cool highlands resort or relax yourself in one of our virgin white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue sea.

We will bring you to tour from the most northen state of Perlis and around the peninsular then across the South China Sea to the states of  Sarawak and Sabah.

So, welcome on board and Selamat Datang!