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Malaysia Festivals and Celebrations

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri or popularly known as Hari Raya Puasa in Malaysia marks the end of Ramadhan, the Islamic holy fasting month for Muslims, and celebration start on the end of Ramadan and on the first day of  Syawal, the tenth month of the Muslim calendar.

The festive mood actually starts much earlier,  after 20 days of fasting, Muslims will light oil lamps outside their homes for seven days and their home is well furnished and decorated for this joyous occasion.

Muslim usually start their Hari Raya with a light breakfast in the morning and will go to the  mosques for prayers follow by visits to the graves of the departed. Family members will dressed in their best clothes for this occasion and younger members will formally ask for pardon from their elders for sins of commission and omission in the previous year.

Although the official holiday is only two days, the celebration will last for even a month and Muslims will hold “open-house” to entertain friends and well-wishers with festive goodies.

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travel-insuranceTravelling without travel insurance is the most unwise thing to do. Should there be any eventuality whilst you are on a business trip or a vacation, there is nothing to fall back and you have to bear all financial loses by yourself. That is if you are lucky and be able to raise the financial needs at the time of emergency otherwise some may even have to face more devastating or fatal consequences.

What if an accident occurred?
This is even more important if you are planning for an adventurous holiday that involve in any kind of sports or a tour to less developed country where insurance for public transport is not strictly imposed by their local authority. In case of any accident, there is no insurance coverage to the vehicle and passengers.
What if you fall ill during the journey?
Even if you are in good health condition; there is still a possibility that you can fall ill during the journey. In this case, you can either depend on public health services or pay a huge deposit with private hospital to be able to access to medical treatment. A travel insurance which provides world wide and twenty four hours coverage will be of great help to you.

Important tips when take up a travel insurance?

•    Price should not the only criteria to consider. You should also look at the overall coverage provided.
•    To be clear of what coverage you are getting; make sure you know the sum insured for the your Personal Accident, your medical expenses coverage, is there a hospital income, what compensation you will get in case of loss travel documents, luggage delay, travel delay and a Third party liability cover.
•    To be clear of what to do in the case of emergency: some travel insurance do provide free International SOS services, free 24-hours phone access to worldwide network.
•    To confirm it also cover mountain climbing, scuba diving & winter sport. Check out the exclusion also.
•    Understand the claim procedure.

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orang-utanOrang Utan Island (OUI)

A visit to Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island Foundation will be an exotic experience for many as the journey will bring you to a small island located in the Bukit Merah lake in the state of Perak, Malaysia. The island which is originally known as Pulau Panjang is a bout 35 acres in area and 5 acres of it has developed into a research center for these endangered primates.

The development of OUI started in year 1999 and have relocated 3 orang utan from the Malacca zoo and 8 from Sarawak later. Over a period of 10 years, the population of orang utan has increased to 24 and 13 of them was born in the island itself.

Opened in year 2000, this island research center is the first of its kind in the world, the environment is designed to resemble as close as possible to the orang utan’s natural rainforest habitat. Visitors are allowed to view these red-haired residents from enclosed spaces built within a safe distance.

The trip to the island is also very educational as visitors will know more about the crisis faced by the orang utans, and how close to extinction they are to become. Visitors are able to learn all aspects of the orang utan’s existence, including how they behave, eat, breed and socialize, and also how the orang utan are trained to survive in the wild as they will eventually be release back to their natural habitat.

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budget-travelThe biggest problem faced by budget travelers or backpackers is time and money. You may be already aware of some of the idea below but it is good to serve as a reminder from time to time so that you will enjoy a better prepared, safer and more fun filled holiday.

1.    Money – Save enough money for the trip.

Start saving today, this is the most important element to make your dream come true. Calculate the estimated amount that you need for the trip and how much time you have to achieve your goal. Plan your monthly saving amount but be realistic. Adjust to a less ambitious plan if you need to but make sure it works for you. Remember, discipline is the key word in any form of saving or investment.

2.   The right timing

When you have decided your destination, the next thing you need to decide is when to go. Basically, there are two things you need to consider; one is to avoid peak season which will burden your travelling expenditures; two, is to choose the right season so that it would not be too cold or too warm for you.
If you are an employee, try notifying your employer or colleague earlier. Submit your leave application once your visa and air ticket is confirmed.

3.    Look out for cheap air fare

Regularly Surfing targeted air line website or subscribe their newsletters to scout for low air fare. Check with travel agents to compare rate and fare, sometimes travel agents do offer good packages that include inland transit, accommodation and meals. Make booking early can save you a lot of money.

4.    Avoid travelling alone

Share your vacation plan with friends and see whether you can get anybody interested to join you. Travelling in a group or at least with one companion is important and safer especially for women who are not seasoned travelers.

5.  Read more about your destination

Find out more details about the destination you panned to visit. Find out from magazines, surf internet and keep track about events that is going on in the region. Study the map routes and do not miss out important guide lines and be sensitive towards religious practice and traditional customs of the locals.

6.    Accommodation

If you are not a seasoned traveler, it is advisable to make your hotel booking before your arrival to avoid being stranded with no accommodation. You do not need to book your accommodation for the whole period of your stay. Once you have settled down, you can have the freedom and flexibility to extend or shorten your stay or move to other hotels of your choice.

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