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Tourists can expect to spend an exciting vacation in Johor if you are a nature lover. Johor which is the southern gateway of Malaysia is a land of numerous tourist attractions. Boasted with huge mystic jungle parks, unspoiled island resorts with white sandy beaches, it is time you pack your bags and experience the thrill of nature in this land.
Neighboring Singapore, Johor Bahru is the state capital situated just across the causeway from Singapore is a significant regional transport hub and manufacturing centre. The state is well covered with highways network, basic amenities and infrastructures are excellent.


With the increasingly popular demand for eco tourism, Johor which is rich in natural heritage is developing its tourism industry towards this direction. From some of the world oldest rain forests to rugged hills and mountains to satisfy the appetite of the adventurous travelers and more than 30 romantic off shore islands and beaches for tourist to enjoy a fun filled and relaxing holiday.

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