Gunung Ledang | Mount Ophir

Gunung Ledang Recreation Forest

gunung-ledangFor back to nature experiences, one can venture to serveral recreational forests around the state. The post popular is the Gunung redang Recreational Forest, the site of Johor highest mountain, Gunung Redang.

Peaks at 1267 meters, it is a favorite spot for the locals and tourists. Challenging treks to the summit of the mountain and overnight stays at the impressive Sagil Waterfall are main activities here. At the base of the waterfall are camping sites, changing rooms, and the Gunung Ledang Resort.

According to legend, Gunung Ledang was the home of a Johor Princess who was wooed by the Sultan of Melaka in the 15th Century.

If you are thinking trekking up, this will take aboutfive hours. To get there by driving, you will have to drive Tangkak in Muar. The entry point along the way of Tangkak at the Segamat trunk road.

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