Johor Bahru – Interesting Places

Interesting Places

Johor-BahruA sprawling city, Johor Bahru has cramp streets in its centre and modern buildings in its western coastline.

  • The Johor Temple – Situated at Jalan Terus, this is the oldest Chinese temple in Johor Bahru which was built about 120 years ago.
  • The Sri Mariamman Temple – Located at Jalan Wong Ah Fook, this temple displays dieties from the Hindu pantheon.
  • Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque – Perch atop a hill at Jalan Masjid, this magnificent mosque overlooking the Tebrau Straits.
  • Istana Besar – With its white wall and blue roof, this majestic building was the former residence of the Johor Royal Family.
  • Royal Abu Bakar Museum – It houses an impressive collection of beautiful rare treasures, particularly gifts from foreign dignitaries.
  • Johor Art Gallery – Situated at Jalan Mariamah, this museum exhibits historical costumes, weapons, currency, manuscripts, ceramics and objects of fine art.
  • Dataran Bandaraya – This City Square comprises a large stage, a minaret, a fountain and a clock tower. This square is a popular venue for public events like parades. A popular place to watch sunsets or eveing strolls in Tebrau Beach where you can enjoy some local street foods.
  • Johor Bahru Duty Free Zone – Visitors can indulge in a shopping orgy in its five level podium. The complex also house a hotel and convention centre, immigration facilities and ferry link to Singapore.

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