Enjoy Peace and Tranquility

Visit to Kelantan offer an exotic and relaxing vacation. Known for its traditional Malay Culture of craft and their well-preserved customs, Kelantan is the Cradle of Malay Culture. The state is noted for its craftsmanship in Batik printing, unique and colorful kite making, silverware and songket weaving.

Visitors will find Kelantan an amazing destination not only due to her colorful traditions, superb handicrafts and their interesting pastimes.

Outdoor Activities

Kelantan also offers tourists stretch of beautiful beaches facing the South China Sea which are picturesque and many locations for eco tourism. Tourist can enjoy endless outdoor activities like jungle trekking, bird watching, fishing, river rafting and mountain climbing for the more adventurous ones.
Kelantan will give you a different experience compare with other states of Malaysia, even the people are using different dialect of Malay which is difficult to comprehend by the outsiders.

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