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Known internationally as Malacca, Melaka is the Historical City of Malaysia and also an internationally recognized tourist hotspot in Malaysia. Tourists coming for vacation in Malaysia will not omit this place.

The Malay Sultanate

Melaka is the birth place of the Malays Sultanate. When the Melaka Sultanate founded in 1396 and through out its six hundred over years of history, this place has been ruled by various world super powers like the Portuguese, Dutch, English and Japanese. Therefore, the interaction between the East and West are so visible that Melaka have become the melting pot for many different cultures and traditions. As a result, you witnessed the birth of a new culture, the Peranakans or the Nyonya Baba Culture resulted from the inter-marriage between the locals and the Chinese.

Nyonya Baba Culture

Today, Melaka has developed itself into a vibrant industrialized state with quite a number of foreign investors setting up manufacturing plants here. Highways and other basic infrastructures are well constructed and Melaka is easily accessible by road and air. Interesting historical remains and architectures left behind by different colonial masters have added a lot of colors for Melaka which contribute to the flourishing tourism industry.

Melaka enjoys a stratigic location on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia, along the historic straits of malacca, covering an area of 1,650 sq km. Established in 1403, it was an important tyrading post in Malaysia’s early history and attracted traders from all over the world.

UNESCO World Heritage City

Today, it is home to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Melaka. This capital city invites you to experience the old world charm of buildings and architecture inherited from centuries of Portuguese, Dutch and British rule, and to witness the various customs and cultures of its people. Beyond the city are attractions such as fruit farms, animal and nature parks as well as resorts and homestays.

Melaka Hotels and Travel Information

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