Shopping and Dining in Malacca

Shopping In Malacca


You can also shop for antiques, handicrafts, art and deco pieces as well as a wide range of local food products in Malacca. Make a trip to the shopping complexes, antiques shops as well as handicrafts and food storesfound throughout the state.
Popular shopping spots:
Dataran Pahlawan/ Jalan Taman/ Jaya Jusco/ Jonker Street/ Mahkota Parade/ Mahligai Kraf/ Melaka Batek House/ Mini Malaysia/ Mydin (24 hours)/ Mydin, MITC/ Syarikat Pemasaran Karyaneka/ Tesco/ The Store

Dining in Malacca

Malacca is famous for delicious food like satay celup, Chicken Rice Balls, seafood as well as a delicious range of Nyonya, Chetti and Portuguese food. You can sample these local delights at the city’s many restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and food courts.


Satay Celup (non-halal)

The satay celup is unique to Malacca. It comprises a large variety of seafood, meat and vegetables – raw or semi boiled, that is dunked in a boiling pot of thick and spicy peanut sauce until it is cooked, before eaten with a thick and spicy peanut sauce. It is served with bread cubes and cucumber.

Chicken Rice Balls

Enjoy the novelty of eating rice balls with chicken meat, cucumber and garlic-chili sauce. This dish is another much sought after delicacy in Malacca.

Grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf, fish in tamarind sauce, fish head curry, chili crab, butter prawns, stuffed squids, cockles and oysters – these are just a few of the mouth-watering seafood dishes offered at restaurantsin Umbai, Serkam, Alai, Pernu and PangkalanBalak on the southern coast of Malacca.

Nyonya Food
Malacca is one of the best places to savour exotic Nyonya fare such as otyak-otak (spicy fish paste wrapped in banana leaf), duck stew with salted preserved vegetables and perut ikan (preserved fish stomach in herbs), Nyonya cuisine is a marriage of Chinese cooking style with Malay ingredients and condiments.

Portuguese Food

Malaysian Portuguese food is a mix between traditional Portuguese recipes, with btraces of Dutch, British and local ingredients. It is also influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian and Nyonya styles of cooking. Don’t forget to try dishes such as pasu kaemadu (baked fish), garing garing fretu (fied whitebait with sliced shallots) and the fiery el diablo curry(devil curry) while you are there.

Chetti Food

Traditional Chetti food is a delectable blend of Indian spices and local ingredients. Tickle your taste buds with both disheslike ikan parang pindang (fishin spicy soup base), nasi lemak (coconut rice cooked Chetti-style), Kembuli Rice and pulut tekan (glutinous rice cake)

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