Port Dickson| Lukut Museum

Port Dickson


This popular weekend getaway has one of the longest beached in Malaysia. Sunkissed and fringed by swaying coconut trees and casuarinas, the Teluk Kembang and Blue Lagoon beaches are ideal for a wide spectrum of beach activities and water sports like parasailing, canoeing, yatching and speed boat rides. Relaxing spa treatments can be enjoyed at larger resort nearby. Before you leave, enjoy a lovely meal of seafood as you watch the sun set against the Straits of Malacca.

Lukut Museum


History enthusiasts should make a trip to the historical town of Lukut and visit its main attractions, the Lukut Museum and Fort. Here, you can read about Lukut’s golden era as the capital of the tin trade or pore over artifacts from the Nassau shipwreck, a Dutch East India battleship, which sank off the coast of Port Dickson in 1606. Further away, are the ruins of the Lukut Fort. It was built in 1847 to protect the town’s booming tin trade. Other attractions here include the legendary ‘poisoned well’ that is believed to be used to punish criminals in the ancient days.

Army Museum, Port Dickson


Find out everything you want to know about the Malaysian army here. This museum traces the history, contributions and achievements of the army from the days of the Malacca Sultanate until the present. Apart from kiosks as well as information and graphic panels, the museum also utilises the Pepper Ghost terchnology for its audio visual presentation, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Also on display are canons, tanks, locomotives and vehicles used during the war. The Army Museum is lacated in Port Dickson, home to the first Malay Regiment batch in 1933.

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