Rembau Museum ( Replica of Raja Melewar’s Palace)


Handicrafted antiques, community heirlooms and headgear such as the distinctive buffalo horn shaped ladies’ headress can be viewed at the Adat Museum in Jelebu. Apart from these interesting cultural artifacts the museum also provides information on the Adat Perpatih matrilineal system. Go for a vistit around the historic town of Rembau for glimpse of the local lifestyle.

Rembau Crystal


You can shop for a wide variety of handicrafted crystal products such as vases, bowls, candy dishes and decorative items at Rembau Crystal. This one-stop centre houses a sales gallery as well as a production and training centre.  You can also watch the crystal-making demonstration. After your visit, you can drop by at nearby attractions like the pedas hotspring, Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest or the Sungai Timun Fireflies.

Pedas Hot Springs


Located about 15km from Seremban, this delightful hot springs cum theme park has two open-air hot spring pools as well as private bathtubs with temperatures between 27°C to 34°C. It also features attractions such as a man-made canal, twin giantslides as well as wave and wading pools. Visitors can enjoy a go at the winding giant slides and float around the man-made canal on large rubber tubes.

Negeri Sembilan Tourist Guide

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