destination-penangThe state of Penang lies in the north-western part of Peninsular Malaysia. Separated by the Strait of Penang, it is split into two parts comprises of Penang Island and Province Wellesley in the mainland.

Linked by the longest bridge in Malaysia since 1985, the Penang Bridge which is about 13 km long provides an alternatative route for travelers besides using the traditional ferry and boat transport for more than a hundred years.

The name Penang actually came from the Pinang tree when it was founded and colonized by the British in 1786. The island has since developed from a remote uninhabited island into an industrialized state and metropolitan.

Shaped like a turtle, the island is hilly in the central part with low land along the coast line which provides a beautiful landscape and lot of green vegetations. You will be impressed even if you  still haven’t set foot on the island.

George Town which is situated in the north-eastern corner of the island is the capital of Penang state. This city holds some of the oldest historical structures of the east and west as well as modern high rise skyscrapers. George Town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2008.

When we talk about Penang, we should not missed out one of the most important attraction of the island. Being a melting pot of the eastern and western culture, Penang also provides variety of authenticated, delicious traditional food from different origins. Besides popularly known as the Pearl of the Orient, Penang is also the undisputed food paradise in this region.


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