Assam Laksa

assam-laksaAssam Laksa is Penang signature dish. It is noodles in fish broth garnished with a lot of different vegetables.

It is spicy hot and sour in taste. The spicy and fishy soup is sour because of the large amount of tamarind used (locally known as Assam Jawa).

The fish used to make the broth is mackerel, which is the first choice (Ikan Kembong is also recommended), deboned, and added to the soap together with lemongrass, chilies and tamarind to boil.

The noodles used in Assam Laksa is fresh thicker rice vermicelli which is much thicker than the regular dry ones. The noodles is first placed at the base of the bowl, after which the Chinese lettuces, small pieces of  pineapples and most importantly, mint leaves are added. Then the piping hot soup is poured over it, followed by finely chopped ginger buds.

Most stalls pour out the soup from the bowl back to the pot then re-scoop the soup into the bowl again, repeating this action two or three times to make sure the entire bowl of Assam Laksa is piping hot. Befor serving, a thick, sweet and salty shrimp paste is swirled on top of the dish. Some may find the prawn paste (“hae ko”) too strong but when it blended well with the soup, it further enhance the dish.

The price of each bowl is around RM2.00 to RM2.50.

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