George Town

An Asian heritage treasure

Unlike other Asian cities undergoing rapgeorge-townid development, George Town and other areas of Penang are still fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their architectural identities – symbols of cultural pride and belonging. It is worth nothing that George Town has the largest number of pre-war shop houses and buildings of any South East Asian city.

George Town is a real gem of a city once you let your mind strip away the exterior grime and slight unkemptness around the edges. This isn’t a reconstruction heritage theme park but a living  breathing showcase of the whole of Asia in one place.

A good place to start your wandering from is Fort Cornwallis which marks the original spot where Captain Francis Light landed in 1786. The area around the fort hosts an impressive array of well restored and maintained colonial building that housed the British administration until Malayan independence in 1957. Next to the fort is the Esplanade, great for morning and evening walks.

Take your time to wander around, cycle or even ride on a trishaw to get a first-hand feel for the way the locals carry out their  lives. For many local craftsmen, hawkers, bakers and tradesmen, life has continued in much the same vein as their forefathers’ days – even modern Penangites are sticklers for tradition and expect their food, fabric, jewelry etc to be prepared the way it has always been done.

Take a stroll along Market street aka Little India and enjoy the sights,smell, food and music of this Indian enclave.


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