Mee Goreng

penang-mee-gorengPenang Mee Goreng is an Indian style fried noodles and is predominantly served by the Indian community.

Though it looks simple, but what set it special apart from an ordinary frired noodle dish is the way the noodles are prepared. The secret is to blanch the yellow noodles and the bean sprouts before the frying process. The fire used to heat the wok is medium strong so as not to give a burnt aroma to the noodles. Some will continue to turn the to wok clockwise or anti clockwise on the stove to get a even fry.

The ingredients consist of  spicy cuttlefish, diced boiled potatoes, fried soy bean curd, puffy flour fritters, red and green chilies.  Flavorful gravy made from chili and tomato puree is add to the noodles to make it slightly moist and eggs are optional. The dish is garnish with chopped lettuce and sprinkled with finely ground peanuts.

Another version of this dish is where the noodles are drenched in the gravy instead of frying it. This dish is called “Mee Rebus” and the same ingredients are used to garnish the dish.

Both versions are served with a piece of lime, which is squeezed on the noodles to enhance the whole dish with a tinge of sourness. A basic plate of Mee Goreng  cost around RM3.00 to RM4.00.

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