Nasi Kandar

penang-nasi-kandarNasi Kandar is the original Penang dish sold by the Indian Muslim community. In this dish, one can taste the full richness of the spices used to cook the different curries.

The spices and herbs are mixed together in a perfect combination that brings out the aroma of each dish. Ordering this dish is simple. Just choose the curry that you prefer and the seller will lay them on top of your serving of plain rice, giving the dish a tantalising burst of flavors.

The Nasi Kandar stalls or restaurants most often serve chicken, beef, mutton, squid, fish or prawns with varieties of vegetables and eggs.  Vegetables and beans are mostly fried in turmeric. The most exotic thing about the Nasi Kandar is the mix curry gravy that spread on top of your rice.

Prices vary depending on the choice of your dishes order. Nasi Kandar with a piece of meat and vegetables is around RM5.00.

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