Oh Jian | Fried Oyster

penang-oh-jianOh Jian is basically an oyster omelette with a twist. The omelette is made with a mixture of light tapioca flour giving it a sticky and gooey texture.

The mixture is first fried inĀ  flat cast iron wok over a very strong fire. Subsequently, eggs are added to the mixture. On the other half of the pan, the oyster is fried with chili paste. The two are then fried together until golden brown and fragrant. Before serving, the oyster omelette is garnished with chopped spring onions and coriander.

The dipping is made of chili sauce with sourish taste and minced garlic in it. This tasty dish is laden with freshness of oyster and flavorful taste of the eggs and chewy batter.

Each plate of Oh Jian cost Rm6.00 onwards.

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