Penang Char Koay Teow

penang-char-koay-teowFried Koay Teow or Char Koay Teow is probably the most popular hawker food among the locals. This dish uses flat rice nooldes of roughly 1 cm in width. The noodles are fried in an iron cast wok over very high heat. The wok is preheated for few second sover strong fire. Oil usually lard is added into the wok follow by a small amount of minced garlic and fresh prawns. The prawns are fried until half-cooked and then stir in the flat white rice nooldes and follow by dash of seasoned soy sauce, chili paste, bean sprouts, egg and chives. The last ingredients added is the cockles. The perfect Fried Koay Teow should neither too wet or too dry. The superb taste of this dish is a combination of the strong fragrance of the sauteed ingredients and the sweetness of the prawns. It is best eaten immediately when served. A basic plate should cost between RM3.50 to RM4.50 and the spiciness depends on the amount of chli paste.

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