Roti Canai

roti-canaiRoti Canai is a pastry-like flat bread. Wheat flour is kneaded and large dough is than separated into small lumps, slightly bigger than the size of ping pong balls. It is then flattened and then go through a process of twirling and flinging motion in the air to thin it out. Ghee is constantly applied in the process to prevent the dough from breaking as it gets thinner.

When the dough is stretched to paper thin, it is then folded into a circular shape and press to flatten. It is fried to a crispy ad slightly charred on a flat circular iron pan.

Roti Canai is served with dhall or lentil curry, onion pickles or with sugar. The dhall may not be spicy hot, but the herbs and spices used are rich and pungent.

A plain Roti Canai cost around RM1.00 per piece and you can order additional side dish like chicken or mutton curry which goes perfectly well with the dish.

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