Wan Tan Mee

wan-tan-meeWan Tan Mee or Wanton Mee is a noodle dish served with meat dumplings wrapped in wanton skin. It can be served either dry or with clear soup.

The basic ingredients for the noodles are eggs and wheat flour and the thickness would be about 2 mm. The texture of the noodles has to be soft but springy when biting.

The dumpling is usually made from a mixture of minced pork and prawns, spiced with pepper and salt, wrapped in the wanton skin.

The dry version is served tossed with just the right amount of thickĀ  soy sauce and lard. Both versions are served with sliced barbeque meat, shredded chicken and few strands of leafy vegetables. A bowl of soup with dumplings accompanies the dry version and for the soup version, allingredients will be placed in one bowl. Pickled green chili soaked in light soy sauce is the best combination.

A bowl of wholesome and hearty Wan Tan MeeĀ  is around RM3.00.

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