perak-mapPerak means silver in Malay language, the state is renowned for its rich deposit of tin and many believed its name derived from the silvery color of this mineral. Tin mining played a very important part in the history and economy of the state as it contributed to the development and rise of many towns and created great wealth to the state. After the mid 1980s, tin mining has ceased to be the major industry of Perak and had since transforming itself into manufacturing, plantations, cottage and tourism industries.

Perak has a land area of about 21,000 sq km and possessed appealing landscape with many limestone hills around the state capital of Ipoh. Some of the popular cave attractions are structured with century old Buddhist and Taoist architectures which we will give a more detailed introduction in the following.

With the peninsular main range lying along the eastern part of the state; Perak is never short of hills resort for a cool and refreshing retreat. The most popular among them are the Cameron Highlands and Maxwell hill.

Pangkor Island which located off the coast of Lumut is a beautiful island resort for people to splash in the clear blue sea and enjoys the peaceful, slow pacing village life. If you are looking for a more luxurious vacation, then Pangkor Laut could be your best choice as only hotel guests are permitted onto this exclusive island.

Explore Perak multi cultural, multi traditional way of life, get a glimpse of Perak’s tin mining history at the Geological Museum, enjoy the local delicacies and the warm hospitality of its friendly people.

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