The name Kangar is believed to be derived from a species of hawk named Kangkok. Although it is the state capital of Perlis, Malaysia, it is not densely populated like other capital cities and is located in the heart of the country’s major rice producing region surrounded by lots of green padi fields.

Buildings in downtown Kangar are mostly old shop houses where you can still find some old elegant colonial architecture. Being the main commercial center of the state, basic amenities and infrastructure are well maintained. You can actually get everything within walking distance.


An easy way to explore this small town is by indentify the following landmarks:

  • EPF Tower, one of the highest point in Kangar
  • Kubu Hill Recreational Park
  • Malay World Weaponry Museum
  • Perlis Craft Cultural Complex
  • State Museum and Heritage Hall
  • Syed Alwi State Mosque
  • Kuala Perils Bus Terminal and Kuala Perlis Ferry Service
  • Perlis Islamic Center
  • Central Market
  • Putra Palace Hotel
  • Federal Hotel
  • Malaysia Hotel

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