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map-of SarawakTourist seeking adventurous and thrilling vacations or eco-tourism will find Sarawak a perfect location. Covering an area of 124,500 sq km, this is the largest state in Malaysia. Situated in the north western part of Borneo, it has a population of 1.8 millions which consist of 27 ethnic groups. These colorful ethnic tribes offer rich and diverse cultural heritage that still exist and practiced today.


Sarawak has one of the best managed eco-systems in the world for her rainforest and national parks, unspoiled white sandy beaches on her long coastline, intricate weave of rivers, plantations, million year-old caves,  exotic flora and fauna as well as tropical wildlife awaiting your discovery.
All these natural wonders provide you with exciting outdoor activities here. A day trail walking in one of the forests and diving at the nearby reefs are some of the popular sports you can enjoy in this Land of the Hornbills.

Sarawak Interesting Places

Mulu Caves ( Gunung Mulu National Park) | Niah National Park | Sarawak Traditional Longhouse | Sarawak River Cruises | Shopping and Dining

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