Shopping and Dining in Sarawak

Shopping in Sarawak

Shopping in Sarawak is as adventurous as its places of interest. The state’s many ethnic groups are known for their intricate crafts and souvenirs. One of the state’s most popular crafts is the Sarawakian beads. Colourful beads of all sizes are fashioned into necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Another must have item is the Pua Kumbu textile. This hand-woven fabric can be used as wall hangings, table covers and shawls. Sarawak pottery has gained a name for itself for its distinct designs and carvings. In some places, visitors can watch pottery-making. Bamboo mats are another popular item. These mats come in various sizes and are a great idea to enhance your home decor. Some shops even offer packing and delivery arrangements for a fee.

Main Shopping Location around Kuching:

  • Main Bazaar, Kuching Waterfront Bazaar, Saracraf Pavilion, Sarawak Handicraft Centre, Jalan Padungan, Jalan Santok Sunday Market, India street and Jalan Penrissen (pottery making)

Dining in Sarawak

Diverse, tasty and exotic! Sarawak’s traditional delights are simply superb for those who are adventurous enough togive it a go. Coastal areas such as Damai and Santubong offer a variety of seafood dishes.
The state is also a leading producer of pepper and pineapples. In the cool climate of Kelabit Highlands, the natives cultivate a special rice called Bario Rice. It is harvested by hand using age-old method. The equally cold highlands of Ba’Kelalan is gaining popularity for its crunchy apples. For decades, Sarawak has been exporting high quality Sarawak Bird’s nests.
Aside from the local food, visitors can enjoy Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western food in Kuching. Major hotels around the state serve a variety of continental cuisine.

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