Shopping and dinning in Johor

Johor is like Kuala Lumpur, a place full of shopping and entertainment. Shopping malls like City Square and Plaza Pelangi are easily accessible and offer a varieties of retails shops, branded goods and cinemas for entertainment. Recently, I’ve found Jusco Tebrau City being one of the popular places for hanging around. It has got almost everything you can imagine.

As for dinning and supper, you will often see crowds of people all over the place at Taman Sentosa, Orang Asli Seafood Village and Kukup, which are famousĀ  places for seafood and local cuisine. Don’t forget to sample the mouth-watering spread of delicacies such as laksa johor, nasi briyani gam, lontong and mee bandung. You can dine alfresco at street stalls or head for the numerous air-conditioned food courts and fine dinning restaurants, which also offer other local and international cuisine.

Sports and Golfing in Johor

You can also find a good variety of sports here. Golfing, water sports, hiking at Gunung Ledang and kite flying are some popular sports.

Apart from Selangor which offer a lot of golf courses, Johor too has won the hearts of many golfers from Singapore due to its location. Johor has at least 25 different golf and country clubs you can chose from. Some are close to the beach where you can bring the whole family for a weekend to enjoy the different activities caters to each member of the family.

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