Longhouse are the traditional dwellings of the natives. These are communal dwellings and many families live in the same longhouse and share their daily tasks together. A stay at the longhouse offers a chance to experience this interesting way of  life. Longhouse visits are available at the following places.

Anna Rais Longhouse, Padawan

Live in Bidayuh longhouse with the locals, savour the local delights and experience the traditional lifestyle. A trip to the Annah Rais Longhouse offers great nature-based activities and cultural shows. Anna Rais Longhouse is situated about 60km or 1½ hours’ drive from Kuching. Trip must be pre-arranged.

Interesting activities:

  • Trek to a hot spring or waterfall
  • Try a waterfall massage
  • Go bamboo rafting
  • Learn how to cook bamboo rice and bamboo chicken
  • Enjoy a Bidayuh cultural performance
  • Try your skills with a blowpipe
  • See how rice is harvested
  • Try your hand at playing the traditional instruments
  • Savour local fruits and don’t miss the local home made wine.

Iban Longhouse Tours, Batang Ai, Lemanak and Skrang

The Iban Longhouse tour at Batang Ai is a unique experience to be cherished. Lemanak River is about four hours’ drive from Kuching. Visitors will get an opportunity to journey upstream along the river on a wooden longboat, before arriving at the longhouse where many interesting activities await. Be awed by a blowpipe demonstration, see how rice is cooked in bamboo tubes and watch a traditionalnative dance.

Batang Ai is the site of the 24,040ha Batang Ai National Park. It is the home to the endangered gibbons, orang utans and hornbills. Just outside the park is the five-star Hilton Longhouse Resort, offering longhouse-style accommodationwith all the trappings of medernity.

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National Historical Monuments

Millions of bats and swiftlets, numerous historical sites, ancient tombs and a primary rain forest come together to enchant visitors in this national park. Dubbed as the cradle of human civilisation in the region, Niah is one of the most important archaeological sites in the word.
Sprawling over 3238ha, Niah National Park enjoys great popularity among history lovers and researchers for its archaeological significance. The Great Cave here was inhabited by prehistoric men nearly 40,000 years ago. Among the relics unearthed include Neolithic painting and paleolithic artefacts.
Painted Caves

Another attraction is the Painted Caves, where depictions of human-like figures were found near an ancient burial site. Niah National Park is accessible from Bintulu and Miri. It is situated about 109km from Miri and 131km from Bintulu. Accommodation Ranges from chalets, hostels and a rest house.
Visitors are recommended to explore the forest trails, visit the Iban longhouse, enjoy a boat ride, explore the Great Cave to see the excavation site and visit Niah’s famous Painted Cave.

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