Famous Street Food in Perlis

Malay Food
Warong Pokok Sawa – Malay rice stall which offers about 40 different dishes and curries serve with white rice for lunch.
Address: Kampong Kerisik, Mata air Tel: 04-9381778

Roti Canai
Stor No.15 – Cheap and good roti canai serve with thick lentil curry tender beef curry.
Opposite Pasar Besar Kangar

Lynda Ikan Bakar – This Seafood stall is famous for their grilled seafood with local flavored sambal and dipping sauce.
Address: 10,11,12 Food Court, Kuala Perlis Tel: 04-9851307

Chinese Food
Embassy Coffee Shop – This coffee shop offers good quality and tasty home-cooked spicy dishes.
Address: 53 jalan Jubli Perak, Kangar

Barbecue Meats
OK Kedai Makanan & Minuman – This shop serves good quality barbecue and roast pork, roast duck as well as steamed soup.
Address: 59 Jalan Jubli Perak, Kangar Tel: 04-9760551

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tasik-melatiSituated about 8 km by road or 15 minutes drive from Kangar, Tasik Melati or Melati  lake is originally a pieces of shallow wetland developed into a recreation park some thirty years ago. The park occupied a total land area of about 80 acres with ample parking lots and recreation facilities. The lake can be seen with some 130 sand bars in the middle with elevated concrete walkways well connected for visitors to get a closer view into the shallow clear water lake .

Other facilities like, children playground, reflexology path, watch tower and some stores for refreshments and souvenirs. Visitors usually come here to unwind themselves after work, walking and jogging or to enjoy a picnic with family during holidays.

Angling is allowed in the park but use of fishing net is strictly prohibited. Main species found in the lakes are cat fish, carps, tilapia, lampang and snakehead. Other wildlife includes squirrels. monkeys, monitor lizards, pythons and migratory birds.

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padang -besar-railway-stationSituated about 35 km north of  Kangar, Padang Besar is a border market town in the northern part of Perlis, Malaysia. Literally speaking, Padang Besar means ‘Big Field’ in Malay language. It is actually divided into two parts by the Malaysian-Thai border. Over in the Malaysian territory, people refer to it as Padang Besar and over in the Thai territory, Malaysian called it “Pekan Siam”.

Padang Besar is linked to other parts of Malaysia peninsular by railway and trunk roads. Visitors from most major cities in Malaysia can either board a north bound train or long distance express buses to this destination.

Although Padang Besar is not the main exit point from Malaysia to Thailand, the town is packed with visitors coming to seek some good bargain in the week ends or holiday. You will notice majority of the traders in the market are mostly Thai Malays rather than Malaysian and Thai influence is significant.

Merchandise that traded here are mainly food and snacks, leather goods, household items, handicraft and clothing. Shoppers can expect to get a good bargain here and there is even a duty-free shop cater for visitors who cross the border.

On top of that, it is also an important inland port for cargo in and out by rail and road between the two countries.

Most visitors will spend their night  back in Kangar but for those who has their passport with them, crossing over to Thailand for a night stay is not a bad idea.

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The name Kangar is believed to be derived from a species of hawk named Kangkok. Although it is the state capital of Perlis, Malaysia, it is not densely populated like other capital cities and is located in the heart of the country’s major rice producing region surrounded by lots of green padi fields.

Buildings in downtown Kangar are mostly old shop houses where you can still find some old elegant colonial architecture. Being the main commercial center of the state, basic amenities and infrastructure are well maintained. You can actually get everything within walking distance.


An easy way to explore this small town is by indentify the following landmarks:

  • EPF Tower, one of the highest point in Kangar
  • Kubu Hill Recreational Park
  • Malay World Weaponry Museum
  • Perlis Craft Cultural Complex
  • State Museum and Heritage Hall
  • Syed Alwi State Mosque
  • Kuala Perils Bus Terminal and Kuala Perlis Ferry Service
  • Perlis Islamic Center
  • Central Market
  • Putra Palace Hotel
  • Federal Hotel
  • Malaysia Hotel

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kuala perlis jettySituated at the mouth of the Perlis River, Kuala Perlis is about 15 km away from the capital town of Kangar in the state of Perlis in Malaysia.

Kuala Perlis is a small fishing port with a population of about 10,000 people and definitely visitors will not be impressed if they are looking for colorful city life. But tourist still flocks into this sleepy small town for other reasons.

The Kuala Perlis ferry terminal is a popular transit point for tourist to visit the famous Island Resort of Pulau Langkawi or the Langkawi Islands.

Being the main fishing hub in the northern part of Malaysia, Kuala Perlis also offer fresh and cheap seafood. You can enjoy yourself with some of the best recipes from the origin of Chinese, Malays and even Thai style cooking.

Kuala Perlis is one place you will not get disappointed when in a transit.

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Perlis Hotel Directory

1. Ban Cheong Hotel
Address: No.79A, Jalan Kangar, Kangar, 01000 Perlis.
Telephone: 604-9761184

2. Eagle Park Resort
Address: Jalan Sungai Batu Pahat, Kangar, Perlis 01000 Malaysia
Telephone: 604-9781000 Fax : 604-9769100

3. Federal Hotel
Address 104-B, Jalan Kangar, Kangar. 01000
Phone: 604-9766884 FAX: 604-9766224
Room Facility: air conditioning, direct dial telephone, hot/cold running water

4. Putra Palace
Address: 135, Persiaran Jubli Emas Kangar. 01000
Telephone:04-9767755   Fax: 04-9761049
E-mail: support@putrapalace.com

5. Malaysia Hotel
Address: 65-67, Jalan Jubli Perak, Kangar. 01000
Telephone: 604-9761366 Fax: NA
Room Facility: air conditioning, direct dial telephone

6. Pens Hotel
Address :  Jalan Kuala Perlis, Kuala Perlis,  02000 Perlis.
Tel: 04-9854122  Fax: 04-9854131
Number of Rooms     26
Room Facility: air conditioning,direct dial telephone,satelite/cable tv
Food Beverage Facility

7. Putra Brasmana Hotel
Address : Jalan Kg. Perak 02000 Kuala Perlis
Tel No. : 604-985 5900
Fax No. : 604-985 2900
Email : putrabrasmana@yahoo.com

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