padang -besar-railway-stationSituated about 35 km north of  Kangar, Padang Besar is a border market town in the northern part of Perlis, Malaysia. Literally speaking, Padang Besar means ‘Big Field’ in Malay language. It is actually divided into two parts by the Malaysian-Thai border. Over in the Malaysian territory, people refer to it as Padang Besar and over in the Thai territory, Malaysian called it “Pekan Siam”.

Padang Besar is linked to other parts of Malaysia peninsular by railway and trunk roads. Visitors from most major cities in Malaysia can either board a north bound train or long distance express buses to this destination.

Although Padang Besar is not the main exit point from Malaysia to Thailand, the town is packed with visitors coming to seek some good bargain in the week ends or holiday. You will notice majority of the traders in the market are mostly Thai Malays rather than Malaysian and Thai influence is significant.

Merchandise that traded here are mainly food and snacks, leather goods, household items, handicraft and clothing. Shoppers can expect to get a good bargain here and there is even a duty-free shop cater for visitors who cross the border.

On top of that, it is also an important inland port for cargo in and out by rail and road between the two countries.

Most visitors will spend their night  back in Kangar but for those who has their passport with them, crossing over to Thailand for a night stay is not a bad idea.

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