Penang Youth Park

Also known as Taman Belia, this recreation park is designed for  youths recreation and activities. Built in 1970’s on a quarry ground by the Penang Municipal Council, the park is a popular sports and recreation venue with a skating rink, outdoor auditorium for open-air festivals and concerts. There is also a water park within.

Penang National Park

This park is the place for nature lovers. Visitors tracking the exciting rainforest trail can enjoy the beautiful scenery along. Thrill seekers should head for the canopy walk. Hovering 15m above the ground, the 250m long walk will give you a rare experience. The pristine beaches of Pantai Duyung, Muka Head and Pantai Kerachut are also pupolar attractions. The park is home to a small lake and is also a nesting site for turtles.

Forest Recreation Park and Museum

The forestry museum is a education centre on the forestry sector and how it plays an important role in the social economic development of Malaysia. Explore the breathtaking 100-acre landscaped  park and encounter beautiful flora, insects, birds and reptiles. Dormitories are available should you opt to spend a night there.

Taman Rimba Bukit Mertajam

Located 457 meters above sea level, the Recreational Forest is home to many mainland indigenous trees and flora and fauna. Take a fascinating hike through 37 hectares of rainforest. Chalets are available for those who are interested to stay over night.

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