Famous Street Food in Perlis

Malay Food
Warong Pokok Sawa – Malay rice stall which offers about 40 different dishes and curries serve with white rice for lunch.
Address: Kampong Kerisik, Mata air Tel: 04-9381778

Roti Canai
Stor No.15 – Cheap and good roti canai serve with thick lentil curry tender beef curry.
Opposite Pasar Besar Kangar

Lynda Ikan Bakar – This Seafood stall is famous for their grilled seafood with local flavored sambal and dipping sauce.
Address: 10,11,12 Food Court, Kuala Perlis Tel: 04-9851307

Chinese Food
Embassy Coffee Shop – This coffee shop offers good quality and tasty home-cooked spicy dishes.
Address: 53 jalan Jubli Perak, Kangar

Barbecue Meats
OK Kedai Makanan & Minuman – This shop serves good quality barbecue and roast pork, roast duck as well as steamed soup.
Address: 59 Jalan Jubli Perak, Kangar Tel: 04-9760551

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kuala perlis jettySituated at the mouth of the Perlis River, Kuala Perlis is about 15 km away from the capital town of Kangar in the state of Perlis in Malaysia.

Kuala Perlis is a small fishing port with a population of about 10,000 people and definitely visitors will not be impressed if they are looking for colorful city life. But tourist still flocks into this sleepy small town for other reasons.

The Kuala Perlis ferry terminal is a popular transit point for tourist to visit the famous Island Resort of Pulau Langkawi or the Langkawi Islands.

Being the main fishing hub in the northern part of Malaysia, Kuala Perlis also offer fresh and cheap seafood. You can enjoy yourself with some of the best recipes from the origin of Chinese, Malays and even Thai style cooking.

Kuala Perlis is one place you will not get disappointed when in a transit.

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