Refreshing Highlands Resort

cameron-highlandsA trip to Cameron Highlands not only allows you to enjoy the cool refreshing climate which has a temperature hover from 14°C to 22°, it also offer tourists spectacular scenery with colonial style cottages and bungalows punctuate the rolling lanscape which consists of verdant slopes of tea plants, flowers and vegetables farms and misty  mountain top.

Cameron Highlands situated in the north-west of Pahang in Malaysia,  stands at an average height of 1524 m above sea level. It is named after a British colonial government surveyor William Cameron who discovered it when doing a mapping expedition in 1885.

Tea Plantations and Vegetable Farms

There are three townships  on the highlands; Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Ringlet is mainly dominated by tea plantations and the Sultan Abu Bakar Dam; Tanah rata is the main township where all basic facilities can be obtained, if you  are looking for quieter and more exclusive chalets, condominiums and hotels, they can be found in the outskirts of the town. Brinchang is famous for its vegetable and flower farms, but the strawberry farms and rose gardens add color and zest to the scenery. You can enjoy yourself either by taking a gentle stroll along its trails or have a relaxing afternoon tea in a beautiful garden.

The gateway to Cameron Highlands is through Tapah or the newer Simpang Pulai route.