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budget-travelThe biggest problem faced by budget travelers or backpackers is time and money. You may be already aware of some of the idea below but it is good to serve as a reminder from time to time so that you will enjoy a better prepared, safer and more fun filled holiday.

1.    Money – Save enough money for the trip.

Start saving today, this is the most important element to make your dream come true. Calculate the estimated amount that you need for the trip and how much time you have to achieve your goal. Plan your monthly saving amount but be realistic. Adjust to a less ambitious plan if you need to but make sure it works for you. Remember, discipline is the key word in any form of saving or investment.

2.   The right timing

When you have decided your destination, the next thing you need to decide is when to go. Basically, there are two things you need to consider; one is to avoid peak season which will burden your travelling expenditures; two, is to choose the right season so that it would not be too cold or too warm for you.
If you are an employee, try notifying your employer or colleague earlier. Submit your leave application once your visa and air ticket is confirmed.

3.    Look out for cheap air fare

Regularly Surfing targeted air line website or subscribe their newsletters to scout for low air fare. Check with travel agents to compare rate and fare, sometimes travel agents do offer good packages that include inland transit, accommodation and meals. Make booking early can save you a lot of money.

4.    Avoid travelling alone

Share your vacation plan with friends and see whether you can get anybody interested to join you. Travelling in a group or at least with one companion is important and safer especially for women who are not seasoned travelers.

5.  Read more about your destination

Find out more details about the destination you panned to visit. Find out from magazines, surf internet and keep track about events that is going on in the region. Study the map routes and do not miss out important guide lines and be sensitive towards religious practice and traditional customs of the locals.

6.    Accommodation

If you are not a seasoned traveler, it is advisable to make your hotel booking before your arrival to avoid being stranded with no accommodation. You do not need to book your accommodation for the whole period of your stay. Once you have settled down, you can have the freedom and flexibility to extend or shorten your stay or move to other hotels of your choice.

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