Travel Healthcare


Vacations are more enjoyable when they are illness-free and hassle-free. We cannot predict or prevent unpleasant incidents but we can manage or reduce these problems with careful planning and by taking preventive measures. Since health issues are important in travelling, it is good to know your health before you travel.

Before you travel

  • Make an appointment with your doctor couple of weeks before you travel to discuss immunization requirements and your medical needs.
  • It is recommended to check up your dental and gynaecological condition.
  • Pack your travel healthcare kit.
  • Pack sufficient prescription medication for the whole trip. Make sure it is not violating any airlines rules and restriction impose on taking medicine on board in the form of liquid, powder/inhalers, cream, gel, insulin etc.
  • Know you chosen destination well and read about the culture, food, weather and details on available healthcare services.
  • Make sure your travel insurance cover the places you visit.

Go for a medical check up  upon returning if you have the following problems:

  • Heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, or other chronic disease.
  • Experience illness e.g. fever, diarrhea within a week after returning.
  • Suspected exposure to infectious disease while travel.
  • Sent more than 3 months in a developing country.

*Vaccination does not offer protection against a disease for life! Most vaccine require routine booster doses for continuous protection. Before you travel, ensure that you are still protected by performing routine immunity blood test or obtained a booster jab from your doctor.

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