Travelling With Asthma

It is important for people with asthma who go on holiday travel or working trip to plan for their medication, equipments, travel insurance and consult their doctor to make sure their asthma is controlled.

  • Bring along sufficient medicines for the trip. It is a better idea if you always spare extra medicine in other baggage just in case you lost 1 set in the journey. Do not forget to take copy of your prescriptions to prove that it is for your own use.
  • Carry your inhalers with you all the time and keep a spare one in your hotel room.
  • Know your destination, especially on weather, temperature and pollution in that area and make sure your living environment is clean.
  • Asthmatics should not dive within 48 hours of a wheezing attack, even if it is a mild one. Be careful when you go scuba-diving.
  • Asthma may be exacerbated in cold, dry air. Beware when travelling to high attitude.
  • Exposure to certain allergens, such as those from hotel pillows or blankets is common when you travel. Beware of such problems and avoid any such exposure by bringing your own personal items or inform the hotel ahead of time.
  • Take insect repellent with you if you are known to develop serious reactions to insect bites, stings or nuts.
  • Make sure your travel insurance cover your healthcare expenses related to pre-existing asthma.

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